Expert Seminars Advance your regulatory knowledge with our interactive training days 

Pen & Tec has over 10 years’ experience designing and delivering training programmes to large audiences. Our live seminars are presented in a conference-style format, over the course of 1-2 days. These regulatory sessions allow you to gain a clear understanding of EU regulatory framework covering feed and food products, and the standards required by the regulators so that you have a solid grasp of areas that affect the submission process.

For some of our expert seminars, we will invite industry leaders to participate and provide expert advice from another perspective. Stay tuned for course schedule updates and confirmed guest speakers in the weeks leading up to the event.

Get the most out of the training day by interacting with the presenters, participating in group activities or asking Q&As, either directly, via the chat function or after the event.

Free Webinar
“Early-stage product development: the cost of having your regulatory strategy right”

16 February 2023, 3 PM CET, On-line
Get a perspective on the registration process of a feed additive in the EU and understand the importance of getting the regulatory strategy right from the start. You will learn how the registration process works, how to avoid common mistakes, reduce costs and speed up time to market.  

Registration of feed additives & overview of innovative applications

9 November 2022, Virtual Seminar

This seminar has been designed to give a practical overview on how to register a feed additive in the EU. You will learn how the registration process works, including the latest changes that apply after the implementation of the Transparency Regulation. Additionally, the presenters will also discuss several pioneer applications evaluated by EFSA as well as borderline cases between feed additives and veterinary medicines.


31 May – 1 June 2022, Virtual Seminar

This interactive course has been designed to give practical advice on building and submitting a novel food dossier in the EU. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the entire registration process, from notifying studies to structuring and compiling a novel food dossier, the submission process and how to comply with the latest changes following the Transparency Regulation. 

A post-transparency guide to feed additive registration in the EU

15-16 November 2021, Virtual Seminar

The Feed Additives Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003), establishes a common procedure for authorising animal feed additives in the EU and lays down rules for their placing on the market, labelling and use.

Obtaining marketing approval for a feed additive in the EU is complex and this practical guide will provide a comprehensive outline of the entire regulatory dossier submission process to obtain marketing authorisation.

Presentations and practical exercises will cover the regulatory framework and data required to establish the characterisation, quality, safety and efficacy of the different feed additives.