Access our online courses on animal feed and nutrition 

The legislation regulating animal feed products in the EU is complex to navigate, and many companies are faced with the difficulty of interpreting the regulations correctly, as well finding the time to stay on top of the latest regulatory changes.  

We have designed flexible, self-paced courses to give you up-to-date regulatory knowledge that you can access in your own time.  The courses will be delivered by Pen & Tec´s regulatory experts and will help you to deepen your knowledge of EU feed legislation. 

EU labelling of feed additives & complementary feeds

Feed ingredients placed on the EU market must be labelled according to the principles set out in the feed EU legislation in force. The information on products, including advertising, must be truthful, objective and quantifiable and that it must not mislead or deceive consumers.

Presentations and examples will cover the definitions, the assessment of an ingredient legal status and classification, an overview of the labelling requirements and permitted claims for different types of products intended for use in animal feed.

With Dr Elinor McCartney