Access our online courses on EU food legislation 

EU food law is complex and ever changing so many companies find it difficult. Our courses are designed to give you up-to-date regulatory knowledge that you can access in your own time. Our courses will be delivered by Pen & Tec´s regulatory experts and will help you to deepen your knowledge of food chain legislation. 

Food supplements labelling in the EU

The notification of food supplements is one of the main areas in EU food law that is not harmonised across all Member States. As well as following the rules set out at EU level, food supplement labels must also comply with the national provisions in each territory the product will be marketed.  

This course includes an introduction to the regulations governing food supplements in the EU, how to apply specific labelling requirements in different Member States, as well as tips on permitted claims. Special focus will be given on the labelling requirements in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. 

Interactive materials and useful resources will also be provided to give you all the information you need to build a compliant food supplement label in the EU.

With Roberto Suárez