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The appetite for alternative proteins as a substitute to animal proteins is increasing. This is evidently nourishing numerous developments with the innovative use and mixing of plant, algae, insect ingredients through innovative techniques, such as precision fermentation and cell differentiation. To make the research and development worthwhile it is essential to adequately grasp and manoeuvre the regulatory pathway for bringing innovative foods to the actual tables of consumers. This report outlines the legal framework applicable to alternative protein products in the European Union. It particularly focuses on the EU novel food Regulation, being the core Regulation for foods that have no established history consumption in the Europe Union. Explained are the process steps and timelines as well as the important elements to consider for the risk evaluation and the labelling of alternative protein products to guarantee a successful entry into the European Union Market.

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Your guide to the legal status of genetically modified organisms in the EU

A comprehensive introduction to the legal definition of GMOs in the EU and the modification techniques that can be applied to food and feed products.

Find out which GM techniques are permitted and how you can still use GM techniques without having to register your product as a GMO food or feed in the EU.

Save time by accessing all key legislation concerning GMOs and links to additional reading material on articles, processes and studies directly from this report.

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Get the legal classification right – feed additive vs. feed material

In the regulatory world, getting the legal classification right is the first step towards regulatory success and can drastically impact your product’s compliance pathway. 

Did you know that a product cannot be classified as a feed additive and feed material in the EU at the same time? Follow our guidance on selecting the correct legal status, learn the basics on the registration process of feed additives and find out how to notify a feed material on the EU feed materials register. 

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Data protection and confidentiality for Novel Food and feed authorisation in the EU

Getting innovative food and feed products to market is a complex process and costs a significant amount time and money.

In this report, learn how you can protect the data and studies that you have invested in to support the registration of your product. You will also learn how to navigate the new EU regulation on transparency and understand the process for requesting that data be kept as confidential and which data you can actually request as confidential.

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