Evaluation of Safety of Cultured Meats for the EU Market

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Rapid improvements in the field of cellular agriculture, especially within the area of cultured meat, has regulatory authorities awaiting companies to start submitting applications for the registration of these products. Risk management and risk assessment of foods in the European Union are the responsibility of the European Commission (EC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is currently believed that the first applications for cultured meat will be evaluated in the same way as novel foods for regulatory approval. The existing guidelines that are applicable to all novel foods should be followed by food business operators when submitting applications for cultured meats, as confirmed by EFSA.

In this comprehensive report, we cover the regulatory context for cultured meats in the European Union and demonstrates how they can be adequately assessed for safety in line with EFSA´s Novel Food Guidance.

An interesting addition to this report is the inclusion of the Singapore Food Agency’s updated Novel Food guidance on cultured meats, as Singapore is the first country to approve a cultured meat product.